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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Maybelline BB cream

BB creams have literally exploded onto the beauty/skincare market and almost every high-street and high-end beauty brand has popped one out.

With promises of "blemish coverage", "increased radiance" and Maybellines own "Make everyday a good skin day" they are just too hard to resist taking home from Priceline. I've personally tried two BB creams in my time, the garnier one (which I'm pretty sure was the first one to land in Australia) and the one in the (pretty shoddy since all the colours on the packaging are so light) photo above. So here's my two cents on them both;

The garnier one is pretty thick, and on the oily side since it contains the added benefit of SPF 15. So that would be a good choice if your skin is quite dry. My face however is definitely on the combination/oily side of the spectrum so that didn't work out too well for me. I did not lose faith in BB creams in general however and picked up new Maybelline one; partly because of the pretty packaging I confess..

This one is very watery, so much so that I was initially worriedly mine was just faulty! Because of this, the coverage is very light. Perfect for say, a day at the beach where you don't want heavy makeup but I'd like a bit more coverage for everyday wear.

Alas the quest for the perfect BB cream continues! Next, I'll be trying the Rimmel one. What are your thoughts on BB creams?

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Hazy Chaos

Sundays are always bittersweet since Monday's just around the corner, and I'm always scrambling around trying to get everything that's due done.

On another note; Maaan it's hot!! Isn't it meant to be Autumn? My instagram feed is full of people posting pictures of (read; complaining about) the snow in Europe and I have to say, I'm a tad jealous. I would love to bundle up in all my knits and snuggle on the couch catching up on tv shows! Hot, humid and sticky is getting a bit old, I for one am looking forward to feeling that chill in the air.

Off to try to beat the heat with a paddlepop.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Now I'm longing for the way I was

Chambray shirt; valleygirl, singlet; forevernew, shorts; vintage, boots;tophsop, watch; michael kors

I feel  like I haven't done an outfit post in ages! But hey, better late than never right? I've been trying to break these boots in, and six painful blisters later, I think we're almost there. They are really very versatile and reasonable comfortable too; can't wait to wear them with absolutely everything come autumn and winter.

It's the middle of the term again, and before I can even think about dreaming of the holidays, there are about seven assignments, projects and essays I have to wade through. So instead of spending my time working on said assignments, projects and essays, I baked some cookies. Procrastination at its most delicious.